The beauty of traveling and discovering the islands of the Mediterranean and the Ocean is something indescribable.

The crystal clear sea, the white beaches and the rich flora and fauna of the sea create an enchanting and relaxing environment.

The islands are rich in history, culture and ancient traditions, which blend with breathtaking scenery and postcard views.

Each island has its own unique charm and offers unforgettable experiences, from exploring ancient archaeological sites to tasting local delicacies. But it is above all the atmosphere of peace and serenity that one breathes on these islands that makes the journey a magical and regenerating experience. The beauty of the islands of the Mediterranean and the Ocean is something that must be experienced in order to be truly understood and appreciated. My bond with Sardinia, my hometown, is deep and rooted in my heart. Its golden beaches, its imposing mountains and its rich and fascinating culture have shaped me and made me feel like I belong to a unique place in the world.

On the other hand, the Canaries, with their volcanic islands and tropical climate, have captivated my heart from the first moment I visited them. Their wild and untouched beauty made me feel in touch with the purity of nature and gave me a sense of freedom and inner peace.

Both of these places have in common a strong bond with the land, our itineraries and packages, for all the islands of the Mediterranean and Ocean, will let you know the true soul of the territory.

we will advise you when it is best to travel to these islands

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