Villanova Monteleone
between archaeology, nature and tradition

It starts from Alghero for the territory of Villanova Monteleone, a place where environment,
archaeology and tradition blend harmoniously creating a unique place in the northwest of
In addition to the hilly landscape rich in woods of holm oaks, cork, oak trees and
Mediterranean herbs, the territory of Villanova Monteleone extends up to the coast
characterized by high cliffs, secluded coves and seasonal streams that give life to
waterfalls and nature trails suitable for trekking.
Part of the territory is SIC area (Site of Community Interest).
The tour will include a guided tour of two archaeological sites, the Necropolis of Pottu
Codinu, a pre-nuragic site, and the nuraghe Appiu, a quadrilobed nuraghe made of large
volcanic rocks.
The tour will be enriched by an experiential cheese making workshop, economic and
social reality that of the important sheep-farming in the territory of Villanova Monteleone.
During the workshop we will dedicate ourselves to the processing of the cheese followed
by the master cheese maker and will end with the tasting of the product made.
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